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A one star difference in a hospitality business like restaurant can give or take double digit business. Yelp reviews are very crucial and affect the business a lot. A lot of Yelp reviews have the negative content which is damaging the reputation of the companies. Yelp does take action to yelp review removal that is overtly fake or without substance at the request of business. However they also allow the reviewer to stand behind their reviews. Yelp explicitly say that a negative review might not be removed if the reviewer states that the review he/she has posted is factual.

Can we delete yelp reviews?

Well it is possible to file a defamation lawsuit to have your reviews removed, but there are other methods that are generally more cost and time effective. There is direct reach program whereby we try building connection. If the user do not remove but can edit the existing review and make it look positive. This can differ from user to user as everybody has their own perception level to yelp negative review removal.

Alternative to yelp bad review removal

We as your ORM Company try to drive positive Yelp reviews. We opt here to use invoice-based review management program coupled with review marketing. We aim at star-rating improvement, and we do that by working with Yelp and directly with individuals, who makes our approach real and honest.

We try reaching out to reviewer this could be an effective method to remove business from yelp. It can be very effective method to either get the post edited or completely remove. But this approach needs to be earned, pursue it the right way. You can reach out to Delete Negative Content and we can help you with dealing with negative Yelp posts and reviews.

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