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How do I remove or delete a negative Google review?

All of those are mere questions but they all have solutions. Yes, the solution is with us. If you have to buy some product from a shop or you visited to some new place or checked into a restaurant, what did you do next? Or normally what we all did? Probably start scrolling down your mobile screen and do a quick Google search.

In fact, 1/3rd of the customers won’t make any decision until they have read Google reviews. And, hence Google is the most favored review site for around 62% of consumers across the globe. One negative Google review has enough power to deteriorate the sale for your company.

In this post, we’ll learn what a Google review is, how it looks like, what are the consequences, how to delete them and what to do if you can’t do it yourself.

What do we understand by Google Reviews?

Before going to learn how to remove fake Google review, first learn what do we understandby Google reviews and how it affects online reputation?

Google is the most popular online reviews site, followed by Facebook. Approx. 21 percent of the total user agrees that Google reviews are one of the most substantial factors in their search for a local business. All the Google reviews are public and so any one can see what people post about you.

A list of negative review on the no.1 site like Google is not a small thing. It can harm you or your company online reputation.


Its human tendency to look negative in something and once they find out bad reviews coming on your business name, they will start criticizing it on the digital platforms. Some people do it purposely to affect or harm your market capitalization, hiring, sales and revenue.

Once the negative review comes in to you name chances are high that more people can up-vote those reviews and will make the reviews stronger.


In order to remove negative google reviews coming on your brands name you do below listed things:

  • You can contact the person directly and requested him/her to remove the negative review or the content that he posted.
  • You can submit a legal removal notice request to google. Although contacting google is a hectic process and you don’t ask to Google remove the negative review as you don’t like it. You have a genuine poof to showcase to Google that it’s a fake Google review.
  • Respond to the customer’s review. Being in a business you have to witness both good and bad thing about you. By responding to your customer you are showing that you care for them and a sincere apology can work for you.

Delete a google review and build your online reputation

While there is no simple or straightforward way to remove a fake google review, that could potentially damage your online reputation. Deletenegativecontent.com is one such platform that can help you out to remove or delete negative google review and promise to build a strong online reputation of your firm.

Hence, just visit deletenegativecontent.com Company and get a permanent solution for your negative google reviews removed from the search engine in no time.

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