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How can I remove myself from the internet?

A negative result on Google search engine page is enough to destroy anyone’s name or fame whether it’s a company or an individual. The things go out of control on internet over a night where millions of users are active and surfing for viral things. A video can go viral as fast as no one can even think of. And that person’s reputation can be at stake online as well as offline.

People share these kinds of videos with their friends and family without even thinking about the person who is going to be viral. Some people do it purposely, to be famous. They don’t care about their reputation and do things which are not acceptable for the society. In the era of Digitalization, if you care about yourself on the internet, you should have knowledge of what image does internet shows about you. And by internet, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is Google. If anyone has to search or have some information about anyone, the first and most accurate option is Google. Suppose, the person gets a defamatory result on your name, he/she will surely open the link and read that. Not very surprisingly, the person can share it on different social media platforms very easily and snap! Your reputation on the internet is no better; and hence the person becomes a victim of anxiety issues.

To remove personal information from Google Search, there are three possible ways to do it. First, you can contact the person who has published/posted the content on the website. Secondly, you can explain your issue to the owner of the website and request him/her to remove the content or the link which may harm your reputation on the internet. Third, contact Google and send them request for the removal of information from the SERP. If Google find the information is false, than only it will remove it otherwise, it is likely that in all three cases, you won’t get the information removed from the search engine result page.

There are people who get jealous of your name and fame and wantto diminish your image on the internet intentionally,than there is no profit in requesting the person. Secondly, the platform on which the content is shared will be getting hits and more and more people will visit that page, so the owner may not agree to remove the content as he is getting profit. Lastly, it is not easy to make Google understand that the content may harm your reputation unless it is more like pornography or violates its guidelines. It is very difficult to get delete your name from Google search result.

The search result can be in the form of article, images or even a video. And today, people hover over negative more than positive. So, it is more likely that negative link will get strong as more people are visiting that page, so it gets more difficult to remove that page from the internet. Since, Google does not have the exact information of the pages it shows on the search result page. It’s just a copy of that page stored in Google’s database. Therefore, to completely remove your name from googlesearch you should have it removed from the website owner first, otherwise it will pop up on the search page.

Negative information on Google can be turn down for sake by having expert knowledge of internet. You can push down the link by some methods that can be having your social media account active about the occurrence, it gives a very positive impact on your followers. Doing so will give you immediate but temporary results.

Delete negative content, as the name suggests is an expertise in the field of someone’s presence over the internet. They can control your presence through various platforms. Not only on social media, but also from the Google search engine page.

So, don’t delay and get help by signing-off with deletenegativecontent.com and build your positive image over the internet.

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