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Facebook is considered as one of the top most platforms for companies to build and enhance their social media presence. With Facebook pages, business can connect with its consumers, and can share information like new product or service launch. Also they can setup a call to action button to increase their engagement with clients.

Recently Facebook has also recommendations, which allows the consumers to recommend local business on Facebook. The reviews and recommendation on face book is playing crucial role in influencing the buying decision of consumers, hence playing a very important role.

Is it possible to remove negative Facebook review?

Yes, but it’s not as easy as it looks, it may take time. If you want to delete one bad review, what you will need to do is report it and wait for action on Facebook’s part. However is you want that the action is fast you can ask Delete Negative Content who are Facebook partner. But if you try to delete negative Facebook review yourself you will find it longer time for action.

Sometimes there are reviews which has genuine so instead to remove negative review from Facebook page try to rectify the by answering them explaining the situation. You can take the help of your reputation management service for it.

Who can help me to delete negative Facebook comments?

Try to get hold of situation until and unless it critical and like fake and needs remove post from Facebook page.We have good success rate in removing the fake reviews that is defaming you or your organization. You can ask us and also we would readily will try resolving the situation fast to remove bad reviews from Facebook if you have any.

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